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SIP after essays

Yay! 5,000 words on the trot. Actually, around 4,850. That will do. Now I've two weeks of having fun trying not to think about the stuff I have to do next for 407. Actually, I will.

(Been looking at the lj voice post interface. Turns out when the documentation said you can post via the Gizmo project (or a local PSTN somewhere in the States), what the documentation should have said was 'oh yeah, if you've got a SIP account, point it to Saves on pesky 5¢ calls, if anything. Or so my previous few entries (friends-only) seem to suggest the shebang works.

Oh well. Now, two weeks of tidying the SCM cabin, GEND 407 stuff, catching up with friends and probably lots of listening to Pandora as well... yipeeee! :)
Tags: college, etc, music, pandora
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